About the Diploma Course in Fashion Design

About the Diploma Course in Fashion Design

Fashion designing is an art of sewing and application of color, patterns, designs and nature’s beauty on clothes and jewelry. Fashion not always remains the same, era by era, years by years, months by months, its changes and ameliorates. Fashion designing have estimated to be started in the 19th century, Charles Frederick Worth was the first fashion designer who generally sewed his label on his designed garments. Fashion designing can be carried out by a single person or by a group of persons.

Why is a fashion Designer required?

A single person handles all the work of designing by itself. From choosing good quality clothes, according to the customer’s demand just like: cultural, modern and so on, to the application of pleasing designs and patterns and then to sew it properly, all things handled by a person. But in a group or in any fashion designing company, work has to be done by the specialists or professionals of each and every work. There will a separate designer team which can consist of any designer who has either done diploma in fashion design or graduation/post graduation in it. They only take care of the designs and have to be responsible only for the coinage of the best designing for the clothing material and another is sewing team who sew they would be designing dress according to the designing team has designed. So like this fashion designing work can be handled separately or in the group.

Diploma in Fashion Designing

Talking about Well Know Institutes in Jaipur, IIFA India Jaipur is considered to be the best in providing Fashion Designing, Textile, Interior courses to the students. Though commenced in 2005, IIFA India Jaipur has been able to carve a niche for itself in Jaipur and in India.

One year diploma in fashion design is divided into three modules – Basic, Intermediate and Advance and these three modules consist of following subjects:-

  1. Illustration and Textile Knowledge
  2. Drafting and Pattern Construction
  3. Garment Manufacturing, Quality Control, Draping, and Merchandising.
  4. Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing

About the Course

The one-year Diploma in Fashion Design is a fast track program emphasizes on practical industry oriented training. In the course, the learner will learn the basics of clothing, develops the ability to design men, women and children wear and become able of establishing one’s own brand or setting up their own designs. This one year program refines the student’s skills related to fashion and designing sense. This diploma in fashion design course develops an individual’s efficiency to work as Fashion Designers, Fashion Stylists, Visual Merchandisers, Fashion Consultants, Apparel Merchandisers, Quality Auditors, Textile and Fabric Quality Auditors, Sampling in Charge and Coordinators in buying houses.

Diploma in Fashion Design helps students to discover their designing qualities and helps in refinement. The course in every aspect helps the students to take their designing passion to a next level. This diploma course aims to combine the creativity of artistic minds with technical proficiency. It helps in polishing one’s ability of becoming a good designer.

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