Learning the Interior Design Courses with the Best in Class Institutions

Learning the Interior Design Courses with the Best in Class Institutions


Jaipur has been the breeding ground for many interior designing institutes due to the glorious and rich culture that prevails in this region. Artwork and design run in every single street of the city and has thus proved to be the backbone of these interior design colleges. Among a notable lot of these colleges, IIFA is quite a well-known one which provides interior design courses in Jaipur. The courses that are offered are for the undergraduates and professionals as well. Apart from the courses in interior designing, the college also offers courses in Management, IT and Animation as well. The design sector has been experiencing an all time high rise rate at the international level and this college helps in the building of good and talented designers. IIFA India was registered in 1997-98, prior to the establishment of the college of design and professional studies in 2005.


The study syllabus is well designed to acclimatize the students to deal with the flexible market conditions worldwide making it the best interior design course in Jaipur. The college runs in collaboration with some good and reputed universities and colleges for imparting quality education to the students. The students are also exposed to the international market due to the association of the college with Academia Italiana which in turn helps to bring out the entrepreneur in them. Apart from the regular course studies, a large number of seminars and workshops pertaining to interior designing are held in the college with an objective to widen the scope of learning among the students making it the best college for an interior design course.


The city of Jaipur has been known by the culture and the heritage of the people here since ages. The culture here is so rich that the place attracts a heavy number of tourists from and outside the country. Owing to all these factors, IIFA has got a location advantage. Among all the colleges that offer courses on interior designing in Jaipur, IIFA is the revered one due to the state of the art facilities it provides to the students in the widespread campus. The courses in interior designing are well up to the mark and enhance the potential of the students.


The college is very near to the Jaipur Railway Station and the Airport. The college also provides a large number of opportunities for the students by conducting multiple field visits, market surveys, model making contests and so on making one of the best colleges to look up for a degree in interior design in Jaipur.

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